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Record #44436
(cumulative dataset, all quarters)


Expanded detail on transactions for cumulative dataset

Record #1

Recipient / Vendor Information Section help link  
Recipient NameComplete Genomics Inc.
Recipient TypeVendor to prime recipient
Recipient Zip Code940434655
Prime Recipient DUNS Number110565913
Vendor DUNS Number619322824

Links Section help link  
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Basic Award Information Section help link  
Calendar Year2012
Calendar Quarter2
Award Number1RC2MH089964-01
Award TypeGrant

Award and Job Amounts Section help link (Record #1)
Award Amount$145,500
Local Amount$145,500
Amount Retained145,500
Total Sub-recipient Award Amount$0
Total Vendor Amount$0
Number of FTEs0
Total ARRA Funds Received$0
Total ARRA Funds Expended$0
Total ARRA Infrastructure Expenses$0
Number of Sub-awards Less Than $25,0000
Dollars of Sub-awards Less Than $25,000$0
Number of Sub-awards to Individuals0
Dollars of Sub-awards to Individuals$0
Number of Vendor Payments Less Than $25,0000
Dollars of Vendor Payments Less Than $25,000$0

Funding Source Section help link  
Major Funding AgencyDepartment of Health and Human Services
Funding Agency Code7529: National Institutes of Health
Funding Agency NameNational Institutes of Health
Major Awarding AgencyDepartment of Health and Human Services
Awarding Agency Code7529: National Institutes of Health
Awarding Agency NameNational Institutes of Health
Program Source (TAS)75-0907: HHS-National Institutes of Health-National Institute of Mental Health

Project and Award Description Section help link (Record #1)
Award DescriptionGenome Sequencing
Project StatusMore than 50% Completed
Activity CodeH03.06: Medical Genetics Research

Place of Performance Section help link  
Place of Performance Street 175-59 263rd Street
Place of Performance StateNew York
Place of Performance CountryUnited States
Place of Performance CityGlen Oaks
Place of Performance Postal Code110041100
Original Place of Perf. Congressional District05
Place of Perf. Congressional DistrictNY05

Infrastructure Contact Section help link  
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Recipient Officer Compensation Section help link  
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Recordkeeping Information Section help link (Record #1)
Award Key16096
Version FlagCurrent record
Record StatusInitial submission
Active StatusActive record
Last Update Date07/12/2012
Creation Date07/12/2012
Last Update Timestamp2012-07-12
Creation Timestamp2012-07-12

Total number of transactions for cumulative dataset: 1

Total prime recipient awards (within this search): $0

Total sub-recipient awards (within this search): $0

Total payments to vendors (within this search): $145,500

Total net amount retained (within this search): $145,500

Search Criteria Used
Assigned Record ID44436
Sort ByNo sort (individual record)
Number of recordsOnly the first 500 for each year
Cumulative or Quarterly DatasetCumulative


This search was done on April 25, 2017.

The recovery database is compiled from government data last released on 09/19/2012

The data was obtained from the U.S. government's site Recovery.gov.