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(FY 2001)



Fiscal Year:2001
Total dollars: $195,781,307
Total number of contractors: 1
Total number of transactions: 270
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Top 5 Extent of Competition

Full and open competition, but only one bid$101,549,743
Full and open competition$48,674,311
Competed after exclusion of sources$30,496,631
Not competed$14,818,268
Not available for competition$202,354
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Top 5 Known Congressional Districts where Work is Performed Known congressional district help link

District of Columbia nonvoting (Eleanor Holmes Norton)$2,822,629
Unknown districts (probably outside U.S.)$0

Products or Services Sold

Office Information System Equipment$88,152,180
Other Research and Development -- Basic Research (R&D)$30,281,976
Physical Sciences -- Basic Research (R&D)$10,490,691
Other Defense -- Applied Research and Exploratory Development (R&D)$8,704,500
Educational Studies and Analyses$7,929,553
Defense Electronics and Communication Equipment -- Advanced Development (R&D)$7,105,454
Engineering and Technical Services$6,886,631
Biomedical -- Basic Research (R&D)$5,011,203
Other Defense -- Advanced Development (R&D)$4,924,098
Other Defense -- Basic Research (R&D)$4,162,741
Video Recording and Reproducing Equipment$2,326,775
AIDS Research -- Applied Research and Exploratory Development (R&D)$2,322,000
Product or Service Improvement -- Management and Support (R&D)$2,128,000
Other Research and Development -- Applied Research and Exploratory Development (R&D)$1,397,868
Services -- Applied Research and Exploratory Development (R&D)$1,214,437
Defense Electronics and Communication Equipment -- Applied Research and Exploratory Development (R&D)$1,132,838
Other Special Studies and Analyses$1,005,000
Services -- Operational Systems Development (R&D)$973,604
Laboratory Testing Services$925,000
ADP Facility Operation and Maintenance Services$879,706
Other Defense -- Management and Support (R&D)$700,000
Biomedical -- Management and Support (R&D)$603,000
Biomedical -- Advanced Development (R&D)$599,906
Research and Development Facilities$598,629
Services -- Basic Research (R&D)$562,690
Technical Assistance$482,000
Air Pollution -- Basic Research (R&D)$474,000
Other Medical -- Advanced Development (R&D)$445,069
Aeronautics and Space Technology -- Basic Research (R&D)$415,000
Other Professional Services$331,375
Other Education and Training Services$300,000
Miscellaneous Chemical Specialties$291,000
Physical Sciences -- Applied Research and Exploratory Development (R&D)$263,844
Chemical/Biological Studies and Analyses$240,000
Other Defense -- Operational Systems Development (R&D)$230,000
Ammunition -- Applied Research and Exploratory Development (R&D)$200,000
Miscellaneous Defense Hard Goods -- Applied Research and Exploratory Development (R&D)$200,000
Other Medical -- Basic Research (R&D)$150,000
Specifications Development Services$149,999
Operation of Government-Owned Facilities -- Government-Owned Contractor-Operated (GOCO) R&D Facilities$128,000
Other Administrative Support Services$122,000
Microcircuits, Electronic$117,000
Weapons -- Advanced Development (R&D)$110,000
Defense Aircraft -- Basic Research (R&D)$100,000
Market Research and Public Opinion Services (includes telephone and field interviews, focus testing, and surveys)$99,000
Technology Studies$96,000
Operations Research and Quantitative Analysis Services$54,258
Miscellaneous Items$50,000
Space Science and Applications -- Applied Research and Exploratory Development (R&D)$42,000
Other Research and Development -- Advanced Development (R&D)$40,000
Automated Information System Design and Integration Services$39,600
Physical Sciences -- Management and Support (R&D)$-26,849 **
Miscellaneous Communication Equipment$-130,469
Weapons -- Applied Research and Exploratory Development (R&D)$-250,000
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Contracting Agencies Purchasing from Contractor(s)

NAVY, Department of the$110,291,012
Defense Logistics Agency$21,680,637
AIR FORCE, Department of the (Headquarters, USAF)$15,771,307
EDUCATION, Department of$10,656,182
National Institutes of Health$10,489,203
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency$10,463,272
ARMY, Department of the (except Corps of Engineers Civil Program Financing)$9,454,377
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency$2,732,317
Office of Policy, Management and Budget/Chief Financial Officer$1,052,000
ENERGY, Department of$474,000
STATE, Department of$335,000
Office of Asst. Sec. for Health except national centers (disused code)$122,000
Federal Technology Service$121,000
National Institute of Standards and Technology$99,000
Virginia Contracting Activity$96,000
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Top 10 Contractors



** Note: negative numbers represent deallocations.

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This search was done on March 30, 2017.

The contracts database is compiled from government data last released on 06/15/2016

The data was obtained from the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) - Next Generation database via the U.S. government site Usaspending.gov.