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Contracts to Contractor(s) "pfizer"
(FY 2007)


List of Contractor Parent Companies for FY 2007

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Best Parent Name Parent Name(s) Total Amount (for this search)

Total parent companies for fiscal year 2007: 1

Total funding (within this search) for the year: $574,594,000

This total is 0.1% of all awarded dollars for the fiscal year.

Competition summary for entire search for fiscal year 2007:
Pie chart: in table form below
Full and open competition$4,849,953
Full and open competition, but only one bid$528,207,858
Competition after exclusion of sources$882,314
Follow-on contract$0
Not available for competition$34,313,794
Not competed$1,743,353

Search Criteria Used
Parent or Contractor Namepfizer
Sort ByParent Name
Number of recordsOnly the first 500 for each year


This search was done on March 26, 2017.

The contracts database is compiled from government data last released on 06/15/2016

The data was obtained from the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) - Next Generation database via the U.S. government site Usaspending.gov.